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Erm, not *quite*

A screengrab from the BBC site's newsticker:

I have attempted to re-size it and have failed, but it says - get this - "Gordon Brown says the option of privatising Northern Rock has not been ruled out".

Now with added visibility, C/O the Dizzmeister:

Which also makes the point that this was a subbing error by the BBC. Friedmanite sleepers at their web operation, perhaps?

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Blogger Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said... 5:56 pm

The nasty moves before the Christmas cheer.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 1:45 am

Hi Croydonian,

I understand you are anti-ken livingstone?

YOu might want to investigate the complete scandal that is enveloping Ujima HOusing, a specialist Black Run (BME) housing association.

This is effectively bankrupt as a result of scandalous misuse of public money and poorly costed community projects.

Apart from this, any media attention has seemed to focus attention on the govt, when this is clearly a case of incompetence/impropriety by the Chief Executive, one Keith Kerr, a liberal democrat who turned out to support Ken LIvingstone in 2000. Google him and Ken.

This is wantan waste of public money and it stinks of the Lee Jaspers.

The association has apparently run clean out of money, despite having its funding effectively guaranteed each year. Keith Kerr even accused the Housing Corporation of spying on the association and claimed it was the "best run in the country" and threatened to take the regulator to court. Needless to say it failed to hand in its accounts on time and shortly after Keith Kerr and his self appointed FD were forced to resign.

The previous FD had been forced out and has successfully sued Ujima for wrong ful dismissal. Further cases are pending.

This a scandal only topped by the community Ujima responding by asking for govt bail outs and being unrealistic about the potential for another BME HA to step in.

If you are keen on putting pressure on Ken. This has to be one way of doing it.

If any link can be found to the groups funded by Ujima, persons hired by Keith Kerr, and either Lee Jasper or Ken himself it is a clear cut scandal.  

Blogger Jeremy Jacobs said... 1:03 am

I know of Ujima. Where can I find out more?  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:26 am

Inside housing has covered this.

I would imagine a thorough googling of the board of directors as was - listed on their website would suffice.

I did not know when i posted this article that Ujima purchased a directors box at Reading Football club AND paid £2.5m to have their large offices refurbished only recently.

We are talking about a £1m budgeted surplus turning into AT least an £4m deficit.

It must be emphasised that this association literally ran out of money. It did not hand its accounts - and the chief executive - only in the job just over a year - replaced the entire executive when he took over. Keith Kerr is also infamous for his well documented behaviour whilst working for BA effectively as their "fixer" in the dispute with Virgin.

Anyone that threatens to sue the regulator and accuse them of inventing an unfair dismissal case just so they can install "spies" on the board - as well as saying they have an anti black housing asssociation agenda - has clearly got something to hide.

If any journalist were to just dig around this - i am 100% positive there will be extensive links to Ken livingstone along the lines of Lee Jasper.



Blogger Bitseach said... 2:36 pm

This comment has been removed by the author.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 9:21 pm

Why would Keith Kerr as a Liberal turn out to support Ken Livingstone? Keith Kerr was only present to show support to the liberal candidate who was defeated in the election, and not because of support for Livingstone.

And whilst Kerr is indeed a keen Reading supporter, no box was ever purchased at Madjeski, especially not with money from within the organisation. These comments seem fairly ill-thought out.  

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