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E unum, pluribus

Well, it could happen. The Lakota Sioux of North and South Dakota, in the form of unelected, if publicity-savvy Russell Means has told his Uncle Sam that he wants out. The story comes from Le Monde, so if my translation does not match what he said (presumably not in French...) then feel free to mock and jeer.

Flanked by La Paz's ambassador (that's going to make him popular) to Washington, he averred, "I want to stress that we do not represent the collaborators, the Vichy Indians, and the tribal governments put in place by the US to ensure our poverty and the theft of our lands and resources".

Always supposing Means can carry his nation with him, Pine Ridge - or Oglala Oyanke - could be seeking UN membership and the like. It is intent on issuing passports, driving licences and the like. Pine Ridge, site of Wounded Knee and home to Crazy Horse does not sound a fun place: "The population on Pine Ridge has among the shortest life expectancies of any group in the Western Hemisphere: approximately 47 years for males and in the low 50s for females. The infant mortality rate is five times the United States national average".

Pine Ridge is part of the pink territory at the bottom left of the map. It also has a rather attractive flag:

Means does seem to be suffering from an outbreak of 'it's my bat and I am taking it home', as he has previously sought the presidential nomination for the Libertarians, losing out to Ron Paul for the nod in 1988. Is this the pride of Lucifer, reckoning it 'Better to rule in Pine Ridge than serve in the US', maybe?

Given what happened the last time major attempt at secession, I do not fancy Mr Means chances.

(If anyone can render the headline in better Latin, I am open to suggestions, but I trust my version makes its antecedent clear)

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Blogger Ellee Seymour said... 12:51 pm

Croydonian, Merry Christmas wishes to you and the lovely Catriona.  

Blogger Ed said... 3:21 pm

My Latin is good enough to know that your title is wrong, but not good enough to correct it...

Merry Christmas Mr C.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 3:23 pm

Happy Christmas etc all round folks.

Ed - I was denied the benefits of a classical education, alas....  

Anonymous Time will Tell said... 4:40 pm

Pine Ridge sounds like Glasgow re mortality rates  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 2:37 am

Ex uno plures perhaps?  

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