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By popular acclaim, the greatest Spaniard of all time is...

El Rey himself, Juan Carlos.

We have been here before, with TV polls on great Britons, Germans, Canadians and the like, and it would look like republicanism is not exactly flavour of the month among our Iberian chums, as La Reina, Sofia makes fourth place, with Cervantes and Columbus third and fourth.

I suppose it does the Spaniards some credit that they regard the Athens-born Greek/Danish Sofia as one of them, likewise the Genoese Columbus. Franco made 23rd, while Spain's Iberian neighbours gave the nod to Salazar when they had a go at one of these polls.

I have just recently been re-astonished by the achievements of Hernán Cortés, and while he was nominated, I imagine la Leyenda Negra counted against him.

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Blogger james higham said... 3:02 pm

What exactly makes Carlos great?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 3:09 pm

He refused to have anything to do with the attempted coup in '81, and has generally been the very model of a constitutional monarch.

Or maybe it is his neo-mullet.  

Blogger gitanodemurcia said... 6:34 pm

JC is a drunk womaniser and that's why he is great. Just an amusing note that he is also the king of Jerusalem. He has also shot a bear while pissed. One of his daughters is spastic. Here you can see a video of the Tejero;s 23F coup. It was most amusing.  

Blogger gitanodemurcia said... 6:34 pm



Blogger Lilith said... 8:37 am

In 1989 my then stoner boyfriend got stopped by the Guardia. Gitanodemurcia may be aware that this is not a desirable occurance. Lateral thinker that he was he thrust his Franco souvenir keyring under the nose of the Guardia bloke, who looked a little surprised, but then waved boyfriend on, no further questions.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 7:28 am

GDM - Quite the summary of the man's life.

Lilith - Quick thinking, eh?  

Anonymous LV said... 5:12 pm

Ehh, well, it is rumoured it was quite forged in a sense. They did not want Franco to be on top, as happened in Portugal with Salazar.

it is quite rare he is considered as that, specially when soem days ago he shew support for the negotiation with ETA terrorists or to some ilustrious leftist artists... and the level of support for the Monarchy fades every day. people are beginning to consider that if he wants to kill protected animals and give himself some other luxuries, he can do it but not at taxpayers' expense.

My opinion? I do not think we are prepared to have a republic. Leftists would not stand an Aznar as president of the Republic and the majority of right-wingers would not like a Zapatero as such.

But as time elapses, more people consider that at least they would be eligible and also outed democratically.

The fact that was Franco himself the one who point him as his succesor is not helping him at all too.

lilith: I do not think that any encounter with policemen is agreeable at all. ;) And their presence has been truly good in Spain specially in rural areas. Nowadays with the new founded Autonomous Communities police corps, they have occupied Civil Guard's places. Insecurity has surged...

Support for Franco: there are a very little minority. I know some of them, and there are from all ideological tendencies.

The coup of 1981: there are some questions unresolved about it. Such as why 2 of the most supporting of the Monarchy generals -the coup involved if I am not mistaken 3- were the supporters of the coup? They just were imprisoned and nothing was asked about it.  

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