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When 'events' get in the way of a business model.

Ryanair's shy and retiring chief Michael O'Leary is faced with part of his business model - phasing out hold luggage - being scuppered by the reduction in the permitted volume of cabin luggage, and true to his usual form is flailing around trying to mau-mau the government into relaxing the restrictions.

I think it ill-behoves an Irish company to lecture our government on the national interest and how to defeat terrorism, frankly. Having suffered ordeal by Ryanair and their non-existent levels of customer service on numerous occasions, I'm always willing to pay a premium to avoid using their 'services' and wish their competitors every success.

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Blogger Peter Hitchens said... 11:02 am

To add insult to injury the cheeky paddy has released an advertisement urging us all to stick two fingers up to terrorists by flying Ryanair complete with photograph of churchill.
Crap company, book a flight to Paris and they drop you off somewhere near Gdansk with no promises to get you home.  

Blogger Rigger Mortice said... 11:26 am

their trip to denmark will always win that award.It may have changed but you used to land in Sweden!!!  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:29 pm

Yeah, they've had a few run ins with the regulators etc, haven't they?

What is it with airlines and egotistical chairmen?  

Anonymous ajh said... 5:34 pm

I dont like him much either, but at least he hasnt diversified into cruise ships like Easycruise.

My brother and his gf booked a criuse where Stelios changed the stop off poinys prior to departure without informing the passengers who had booked months in advance.

They had no way of returning to England as Monaco had been deleted and the next stop was Spain.  

Anonymous Verity said... 1:48 pm

Yes, it must be really painful for O'Leary to be so shy. It must have been hell for him at school.

The thing about Rynair is, everyone knows it's a crap airline, but it's so cheap, they go anyway. They know there are no refunds under any circumstances, but they book anyway. They know there is absolutely no customer service and no way to contact "customer service", which is a phantom department. It doesn't exist. Michael O'Leary has tapped into the human hunger for a bargain. And he's done very well by it. He's getting them to somewhere on the continent, even if it's the wrong place.  

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