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BBC coverage of Israel

"BBC correspondent Caroline Hawley in Jerusalem says it is not clear why the army moved against Hamad."

So, being the architect of mass murder is insufficient reason to seek his capture? Maybe the Israeli government won't go along with the BBC's agenda that it is in the way of all of those nice moderate Arabs and allow itself to be homicide bombed out of existence in order to please 'anti-Zionists'?

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Blogger barbara worth said... 2:30 pm


In fairness to al-Beeb, I think that remark was made in the context of the timing of the arrest.

The article goes on to say "Hamas has not carried out any suicide attacks for 15 months and Israeli military operations in the past few months have focused instead on the militant Islamic Jihad group, which has been responsible for most of the recent bombs."

So perhaps not guilty on this occasion, although I agree that they are often biased.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:22 am

I see Stephen Pollard has made use of the same BBC comment on his blog.  

Blogger barbara worth said... 8:13 pm

Yes, I spotted that via Iain Dale's link. I think you may have got there first, however!

There is even the same argument in the comments section of SP's blog about whether the Beeb correspondent's remark relates to the timing of the arrest or is more general in its mystification.

I have to agree with you and SP that the BBC's commentary is very biased against Israel, but this particular report didn't jar for me as much as some. However, SP obviously read it in exactly the same way as you did.

The Beeb definitely has its own axes to grind. I listen to the World Service fairly often and am always mystified by the complete and unconditional support given to white farmers in Zimbabwe. Robert Mugabe is clearly a maniac but the Beeb does not seem to grasp that black Zimbabweans view white farmers much as we would view Germans who had successfully invaded Britain in 1943 and pinched all the good land.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:12 am

Barbara, putting on my liberal hat for the second time in a week, one could say that the web piece was poorly structured, and an interpretation could go either way.

As to what is happening in Zim, my position on the land seizures is entirely predictable (I'm not keen), but for me the key point is that the seizures are not being done in a way that is transparent, predictable and under the rule of law. I would think that a focus on those failures would be a more suitable area for journalistic editorialising rather than one focused on the ethnicity of those involved or even the underlying ideology.  

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